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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Marie T.

  • Discectomy

“I trust Dr. Sun 100%. Dr. Sun is a caring professional who should be commended for the way he treats his patients. When I woke up from my surgery, he was right to thoroughly explain the procedure that was done and his findings during the operation. Any questions or concerns are tended to on a same day basis, even getting phone calls back from Dr. Sun himself.

I would highly recommend this office to everyone. Thanks again, you guys are the best!”

Martha P

  • ACDF

“I live in the Philippines and was referred to Dr. Sun. Dr Sun was (is) kind, caring and professional. My surgery was explained very well, my care was the best I have ever experienced and I am now painfree. I highly reccommend Dr. Sun as he does not push surgery as a first option.I was very lucky to have found him after years of misdiagnosing from other doctors. Dr.Sun gave me back my life!”

Frank J. Caron

  • Double Fusion L4-5 & L5/S1 W/Hardware

“Dr. Sun is as genuine as they get, he's the most caring, understanding, pro-active of doctors I have ever had. From day one, he listened, and went into a plan of action. My injury was a work related issue, rather complicated with the paperwork and legal issues and still Dr. Sun stood by my side.

Eventually it got to the point where I had to have a double fusion surgery, as any preventive measures went out the window due to the environment in which I worked. All the way through the entire process, everything was explained to me, everything was seamless, and I couldn't have had a better experience working with Dr. Sun.

Surgery isn't always the answer (it's a big step in life), but in my case it fixed my problem and I try to live the most productive life possible and it wouldn't have been possible without Dr. Sun. I say to anyone that has neck or back problems, go see him, he will try to make you right and you won't be disappointed.”


  • Scoliosis

“Dr. Sun is such a wonderful physician who I feel so lucky to be treating with! I would highly recommend him.”


  • Diskectomy/fusion

“Dr. Sun is the best! When I started seeing him I was on constant pain and my quality of life suffered. He operated on me in May of 2012 after physical therapy and an epidural failed. He is such a compassionate, caring physician, I am so thankful that my PCP recommended him. This is a very well run practice.”

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